From cow, sheep or goat milk. Made young to be eaten young. A “squeeki” textured cheese often flavoured with mint, mild. Usually presented cooked in kebabs, salads, vegetarian dishes etc. The Real Cheese shop stocks Haloumi from 5 farms, be sure to check with us which is available.
Cows Haloumi comes to us from Cremalat, Green Goose

Sheep Haloumi from 2 Karoo farms is as diverse in texture and flavour as the farms Beaconsfield Dairy and Ovis Angelicus  
haloumi cheese
Goat Haloumi comes to us from Belnori, Foxenburg & Middelpos
Cows haloumi from Cremalat and a raw milk product from Green Goose


Rather than the traditional fried haloumi, try this recipe for red peppers stuffed with haloumi and mushrooms.